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1.         NAME

The Association shall be known as the Pyrmont Action Inc, an association incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act 1984 of NSW.


The By-laws shall not be inconsistent with the Rules of Pyrmont Action, and where there is any inconsistency, the Rules of Pyrmont Action shall prevail


“Pyrmont community” shall mean all residents, property owners and business owners who live, own property or work respectively within the Pyrmont 2009 postcode precinct boundary

”Convenor” and “Deputy Convenor” in the By-laws have the same meaning as “President and Deputy President” under the Rules.

4.         OBJECTIVES

a)    To foster cooperation between the local community, Council and other Government agencies

b)    To work towards the enhancement of the physical, social and economic environment of Pyrmont in collaboration with other community organisations with similar aims

c)    To provide a vehicle for resolution of community issues

d)    To promote community cohesion

For the furtherance of these objectives and to achieve its purposes, Pyrmont Action may carry out any or all of the following activities:

  • Facilitate public meetings and events
  • Form sub-committees to focus on specific issues of concern to Association members
  • Provide information and notices to the Pyrmont community via local newspapers on the activities of Pyrmont Action
  • Provide advice to Council and other government agencies on relevant local matters including
    • Development applications, changes to traffic, landscaping or other urban design features which may significantly alter the character of the area or are considered to have other significant impacts on the precinct.
    • the need for capital expenditure improvement in the precinct.
    • maintenance items requiring attention in the Pyrmont community
    • major new policies or changes to existing policies which directly affect the Pyrmont community
    • land rezoning proposals.
    • local service provided by Council.

  • Carry out projects that facilitate the objectives through raising funds and applications for grants.

Pyrmont Action must not engage in any party political or electoral activity, nor in behaviour which is hostile to any bona fide community group or organisation and must avoid behaviour which is prejudicial to its general acceptance in the local community.


All residents, property owners and business owners who live, own property or work respectively within the Pyrmont precinct boundary (postcode 2009) and who agree to be bound by Pyrmont Action’s rules and regulations are entitled to join Pyrmont Action;

Persons who do not belong to any of these categories must not attend meetings and if present must be asked to leave unless the meeting by explicit resolution invites them to stay for all or part of the particular meeting. In such cases, those invited to stay may only speak if invited to do so by the committee and must not vote on any item.

Members of political parties, groups or campaigns cannot attend meetings unless they qualify as a bona fide resident, property owner or business owner within the Pyrmont precinct.  Pyrmont Action must not engage in party political activities.

6.            GENERAL MEETINGS

Notification of General Meetings must be provided to the Pyrmont Community through the local newspaper and notices on public notice boards and in such other ways as may assist in involving the community in and information the community about the activities of Pyrmont Action.   Invitations may be extended to representatives of Council and other Government agencies, as appropriate.  

Declaration of Interest: All persons directly involved with an item (e.g. owners, developers, architects) who have a pecuniary or conflict of interests in a matter to be considered by Pyrmont Action at a meeting must declare such interest and not vote on that item. The Committee shall decide whether participation in the matter by such persons will facilitate discussion.

A list of all correspondence received by the Pyrmont Action Committee is to be tabled at each meeting.  All correspondence should be available for perusal at the meeting by eligible members of Pyrmont Action.

7          COMMITTEE

The titles “Convenor” and “Deputy Convenor” shall be used by Pyrmont Action as the preferred titles in public announcements and events.  

Committee Members shall not be from the same family group.

8              SUB-COMMITTEES

Standing sub-Committees may be established as determined by eligible members at a General meeting to address general matters of concern to the Pyrmont community.  Their continuation requires ratification at each AGM.  Ad hoc Sub-Committees may be established from time to time as determined by the Committee.  Members of Sub-Committees are elected from among the eligible members of Pyrmont Action.  Non members might be co-opted from time to time where particular expertise is relevant.


Any income and property of Pyrmont Action however derived shall be applied solely towards the aims and purposes of Pyrmont Action as set out in these By-Laws, and no portion thereof shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly by way of dividend to any member of Pyrmont Action at any time.

Pyrmont Action shall not appoint a person who is a member of the Committee to any office in the gift of Pyrmont Action to the holder of which there is payable any remuneration by way of salary, fees or allowances

Notwithstanding the previous section Pyrmont Action may compensate the reasonable expenses actually incurred by any member in the conduct of the business of Pyrmont Action under the direction of the Committee..


Changes to these By-laws may be initiated at the request of a General meeting or by the Committee.  A proposed change must be approved on the same basis as an amendment to the Rules before having effect.